What are quick approval loans?


Quick approval loans help you to secure fast cash loans. The application process is simple and effortless, with many quick cash lenders allowing you to apply online. This type of loan suits borrowers looking for short-term emergency loans.

Before you submit your application for quick cash loans, consider the possible risks involved. Quick loans usually come with a high fixed rate, taking advantage of your financial situation and a lack of another loan option. 

You could struggle to pay the loan repayment on time, ultimately harming your credit history. A damaged credit score will have repercussions if you want to apply for a mortgage or another loan application.

This is where we can help. Find out more about personal finance so you can better manage your money. How do quick approval loans work, and what are the available alternatives?

Let’s get to the following commonly asked questions:

●     How do quick approval loans work?

●     What are the pros and cons of quick approval loans?

●     Are quick approval loans legit?

●     How quickly can a loan be approved?

Q1. How do quick approval loans work?

Quick approval loans are tailored cash advances if you need instant cash loans. The loan approval time is fast and is perfect for emergencies. Some lenders will allow you to secure loan pre-approval within minutes if you are eligible.

If your borrowing power is good and you have steered away from bad credit loans, you could receive your cash loan during the same day business hours. An existing customer can apply for further finance from the lender, such as business credit cards and a low rate. 

Apply online for quick approval loans from a responsible loan provider. Minimal supporting documents are usually required for a quick approval loan, recognising that you need fast approvals for your short-term loan. 

Instant approval is usual when applying for these loan types. The lender's loan repayments calculator will present the loan term, loan rates offered, and total repayment amount. You can then choose whether to accept the loan contract.

Once the loan amounts are unconditionally approved and accepted, your line of credit is complete. Your lender will send money into your bank account through a money transfer. 

Note: Ensure you know when monthly fees and repayments are due so you do not default on the loan. Opt for your loan repayments to be direct debited from your bank account so repaying the loan is effortless.

Q2. What are the pros and cons of quick approval loans?

Quick approval loans can help you access fast loans with speedy approval processes. Complete an online application in minutes, and your lending specialists will confirm if your unsecured personal loan has been successful. 

However, this type of personal loan is renowned for its high interest rates and short-term repayments. When same-day loan payments are deducted from your bank account, managing bills may become a struggle. 

Yet, you should not take such a warning about borrowing lightly. 

Across Australia, a quarter of households are in mortgage stress. This is due to rising interest rates placing homeowners under pressure to pay mortgage payments. Many homeowners face interest rates of around 7%, a significant increase.

Image: The Mortgage Reports

Mortgage payments are rising, particularly for those on a variable rate. It is, therefore, easy to see why many cannot pay their bills. However, seeking a quick approval loan may not be the answer, as your debts may spiral and require debt consolidation.

Important: Look at the services of a mortgage broker if you are trying to find a better mortgage deal or if you are buying property and need a loan in Australia. Online loans and repayment calculator results may not provide a complete picture for you when buying your own home.

Q3. Are quick approval loans legit?

Quick approval loans are 100% legit. Responsible lending sources will abide by the National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009 of the Australian government, safeguarding your interests. 

However, if you have a good credit score and a successful credit check, it would be wise to seek loan approvals from lenders with lower rates and longer loan terms. 

Note: Quick approval loans prey on the vulnerabilities of individuals with low credit scores and a near-empty bank balance. As a result, high interest rates and short loan terms propel borrowers into a perpetual debt cycle.

Q4. How quickly can a loan be approved?

You can complete a quick loan approval process within minutes. Although conditions apply, the loan process is fast, so always read the loan guides and product information.  

Check the expected repayment fees and charges applicable to the final approval in the credit guide before the loan is formally approved. The agreed terms bind you once you have finalised the loan process.  

The cash should be transferred to you the same day, sometimes immediately. Provide the correct online banking details and instant loans will be paid directly.

Despite the fast approval time, quick approval loans may not be your best choice. Revive your credit score so that more options may be available to you.

Other options include applying for a business credit card or secured business loans if you need to raise funds for your business. Or, you could take out a payday loan for cash advances until payday or buy now pay later deals.


Before applying for a quick approval loan, consider other options, such as refinancing. If you need money fast, see if you could refinance a home loan or refinance a car loan. You could also refinance a personal loan to secure a better deal. 

Check your credit score now and assess your available options to raise money. Stop your money anxiety today and consider your options before plunging into debt.


Investing could be the way forward if you need cash and dream of financial independence. You could invest in shares, buy an investment property, or build a family trust for your future. Or are altcoins more your thing? Calculate your net worth today and start to build for the future!

Summing up

Ultimately, quick approval loans have their place amongst other financial products and services. However, you must pay high interest rates and face shorter loan terms. Look at personal loans with comparison rates from 6.99%, or consolidate your debts with a lower rate today.

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