The value of the side hustle and having more than one source of income.


The side hustle has become a real hot topic the last few years. It seems like everyone has one, and I personally think that is a great thing. Having multiple streams of income even if it's just a few dollars here and there, really helps to add some financial security to your life.

Wages and salaries have not been going up but i'm sure we can all clearly see that cost of living definitely has. It is harder to get ends to meet but a side hustle takes some of the pressure off.

What is a side hustle? It is really any income you make outside your normal 9 to 5 job.

There are so many ways to make an extra income from starting your own business, to doing surveys for money.

I personally have tons of little side hustles that all add up.

We collect and return our bottles and cans for cash, sell and flip items and furniture on facebook marketplace, scan receipts for cash back, do surveys for money and so much more.

Five dollars here and there sure doesn't seem like a lot but it added up to more than five thousand dollars last year for us and this year we are aiming to make an additional ten thousand dollars in income from all our side hustles.

My advice is to start small and easy, track what you make and then add more from there, I'm sure you will be hooked in no time.

We track our side hustles monthly and post about it on our instagram @aussiedebtfreegirl ,

For more info you can find us there!

Do you have a side hustle? What is your side hustle?


Aussie Debt Girl

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