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You probably know about

‍ Earn 10 points for every $1 of eligible spend. You can also take up special member offers to earn bonus points.  Also, If you’ve got a mobile plan or active prepaid recharge with Telstra, you’ll get the following general benefits:

- Data-free music streaming through Apple Music

- Free access to Telstra Air Wi-Fi hotspots in Australia

- Free access to public Wi-Fi hotspots when overseas

- Customers spending at least $30 per month on their plan or recharge also get AFL, AFLW, NRL, My Football, and Netball Live Passes, which allow you to watch every game of the season live and data-free.

Perks you probably didn’t know about

You can also join Telstra Plus and earn 10 points for every dollar you spend on your monthly bill as part of a Frequent Flyer style rewards scheme.

Plus, you get  additional benefits that are offered in four different tiers:

All Member Tier

if you are a new member with an overall  annual eligible spend of up to $1,499, then your benefits includes:

- Get  $12.50 movie tickets ( $11.50 kids’ tickets) for Event and BCC cinemas plus free popcorn and drink a large combo upgrade when you book a movie ticket through Telstra.

- Get discounts on sport tickets: Be first in line with pre-sales to sporting events such as AFL, NRL, Netball and A-League.

- Get access to exclusive concert pre-sales

- Get access to pre-sales and specially priced tickets to shows, performances and art galleries.

Silver Member Tier

If your overall  annual eligible spend is between $1,500 - $2,999, then your benefits includes:

- All the above benefits

- Get 25% off selected TV shows and movies

- Get 30% off a Telstra free TV

- Using your app with special silver service, you can ask them anything relating to getting the most out of your Silver benefits.

Gold Member Tier

If your overall annual eligible spend is $3,000 or more, then your benefits include:

- All the above benefits of the “silver tier” but

- 50% off selected TV shows and movies

- You get a free Telstra TV, and

- Gold early access to selected concert pre-sales and Gold member offers.

Business Member Tier

If you are a customer with an eligible business service, then your benefits include:

- All the above benefits of the “all members tier” plus

- Personalised 24/7 tech support

Redeem your Telstra rewards points

You can spend these points on selected gadgets, or use the points discounts on devices. You won’t be able to start redeeming points until July, but Telstra did provide the following example rewards:

- If you are a business customer, you get 5,000 bonus points when your business joins Telstra Plus by 30 Nov 2020, plus we’ll enter you into the draw for a chance to win 1 of 10 Mobile Working Packs. Click here for more information.

- Get pre-sale tickets to Tina Arena tour Australia with Enchanté: The Songs of Tina Arena. Get your tickets for May 2021 in the Telstra Plus member pre-sale here.

-Get 45,000 bonus points by 12 Dec and receive Redeem points for rewards like headphones and accessories listed here.

In summary, check out these: Tickets & Reward Store! Join Telstra Plus at today with no joining fees.


You probably know about

Optus benefits tend to be entertainment related with tailored offers and rewards whenever available but are exclusive to postpaid phone plans with a contract of at least 12 months.

Perks you probably didn’t know about

Unlike Telstra, Optus has no membership tiers. Instead, subscribers can purchase special offers and rewards from the network that includes:

- A free subscription to Optus Sport and free access to the National Geographic app.

- Earn up to 60,000 Flybuys points if you sign up for or re-contract onto one of a number of eligible Optus plans.

- Data-free music streaming through Google Play Music, Spotify, and iHeartRadio (on postpaid plans).

- Discounted movie tickets for Hoyts cinemas, starting at $12.50 for an adult ticket or $27 for LUX for any session on any day (including Saturday nights). Click here for more information.

- Data-free video streaming through Netflix, Stan, and ABC iView, although this is limited to standard definition (on postpaid plans). If you signed up to your Optus plan before May 2018, this might be a free part of your plan. If you’re a newer customer, you may need to pay an extra $5 per month.

- Discounted tickets for “over 3,000 experiences” across Australia and New Zealand, including activities such as jet boating and hot air ballooning.

- Pre-sale tickets for concerts and sporting events.

- Exclusive contests for concert tickets and more – for example, Optus is currently giving away Childish Gambino tickets and a trip.

- Earn velocity points with Optus. For example, the top Samsung Galaxy S10+ plan costs $125 and gives a 40,000 Velocity Point sign up bonus. Compared to this, the cheapest plan costs $100 and gives only 12,000 Velocity Points on sign up while in the Sim only section the $59 plan gives 12,000 sign up points.

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