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Blaize Pengilly  00:09

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Blaize Pengilly  00:51

Hello, hello, my name is Blaize Pengilly. And you are listening to Episode 44 of the We Talk Cents podcast. But we are not alone. I am as always, of course joined by my co-host, Dan, Dan, how are you going today? 

Dan Jovevski  01:06

I am doing wonderful Blaize. Yeah lucky that we caught you between podcast episodes because for the last six days I've been recovering from a pretty bad virus that's affected my larynx which is what you would call your voice box.  So to the benefit of my wife and probably some of my other family members, I haven't been able to talk [laughs]. But hey, I'm back so you've got a bag with me now.

Blaize Pengilly  01:36

I've got to say that is a really well timed voice box issue because yeah you haven't had your voice all week and now. You are sounding a little bit huskier than usual. But I'm glad that it's not just me talking your ear off today. I probably will be but you know how it goes. Now, Dan? You know, I love a fun fact. And I just learned a really interesting one literally just before jumping on this call with you. So I would love for you to guess - How much do you think the average Aussie home spends on water, gas and electricity every year?

Dan Jovevski  02:09

Ah I'd say maybe two grand, two and a half thousand bucks.

Blaize Pengilly  02:13

See, that was my guess. But according to IMG, it's about 5k which feels -

Dan Jovevski  02:21

Wow 5k?!

Blaize Pengilly  02:21

Yeah I mean, this is an average right. So maybe it's just that there are some very, very, very large households in Australia that are bumping the average up. But yet 5k is a heck of a lot on utility bills.

Dan Jovevski  02:36

Yeah, that sounds like quite a bit of money. And when you think about what people's net incomes are and how much they actually spend on utilities each and every single year, like if you're a low income household that could be like you know, with 10% of your household income, just go to utility bills, if you spending that much, of course. But Wow, that completely surprised me.

Blaize Pengilly  02:54

I thought that's pretty shocking as well. So if you're shocked by that, I would say that this is a great idea, a great time to use that as a reminder to check your electricity, your utility your gas providers and make sure you aren't paying more than you need to. Alright, enough of my fun facts. On today's episode, we are packing our bags and jumping on the train and heading to destination side hustle. If you are looking to make some extra money on the side, or maybe you're already making some extra money, you're maybe looking for a second source of income. We have got everything you need to know about starting a side hustle, including side hustle ideas in today's episode. But as always, let's talk about the news. If you don't care for the news, skip ahead a few minutes. But Dan - what in the news has caught your attention this week?

Dan Jovevski  03:41

Well Blaize, one thing that I can see here from a recent survey that ME bank has undertaken is that Australia's or have less than $1,000 in savings only represents about 1/5 of total households, which is again another that surprise me. What this represents is that 1/5 of Australian households have less than $1,000 in savings in cash, which is a pretty sort of Stark number, you really think if you get hit with an emergency, the hot water system blows something happens to household like 1k. And there's not much you could do with 1k these days when you have got an emergency and sort of living sort of week to week. So pretty stark numbers,

Blaize Pengilly  04:23

Those figures $1,000 in savings as in cash Is it is it does seem really low, especially when you think about when we cover emergency funds. A common way to figure out how much money you should have in your emergency fund in case something bad happens is three to six months worth of living expenses. And like you say I don't think $1,000 is going to stretch that far. I mean, it's obviously better than having no money in savings. But to see that yeah, a fifth of households have less than that is a pretty, pretty harsh reminder that you know, it's people we're going going through tough times right now when there's also a lack of financial education that maybe people don't feel that they need to have more than that. So, yeah, I thought that was an interesting figure as well.

Dan Jovevski  05:06

It just took me a little bit deeper into the survey, they also found out that 35% of respondents were living paycheck to paycheck. And even more concerningly, there was 8% that said they had no savings at all, which is just a completely stark figure. So, as Blaize says, There is never a better time to start up an emergency fund, even if we did start small, putting $10 $15 whatever you can afford, as long as you can start somewhere that should put you in a pathway to start building up that account, even if you're on a low income.

Blaize Pengilly  05:45

Well, it's like what our guest Kylie Travis said last week, she was saying even when she was in a really low income, if she could, when she was living off Centrelink, and homeless single mom, if she could put 5 or 10 dollars away into her emergency fund each week, she would because like you say, every little bit adds up every little bit counts. And you know, I've gone from living from paycheck to paycheck with no emergency fund. I've changed my financial life around. I used to live like that. And, you know, if you're listening and you're one of these people that is living paycheck to paycheck or doesn't have savings, you can do it you can get there, I promise you it's achievable. You can just set some goals, set your mind to it, and hopefully, you know, you can turn your turn your financial future around like I thankfully, I've been able to with everything that I've been learning number one from you Dan, and and obviously from our guests as well.

Dan Jovevski  06:35

Yes. And last week's guest just really throws a sense of inspiration, I guess, towards all that anything is possible, irrespective of your circumstances. So you're really, really good way to start, even if you're in a low income, what else has caught your attention in the news Blaize?

Blaize Pengilly  06:55

Dan, there is, there was another article that look, I'm, I'm disappointed because another article came out, and it's about the gender pay gap. And men are now earning $260 a week more than women as the gender pay gap widens. So the Workplace Gender Equality Agency has estimated that the new national gender pay gap at 14.2%, an increase of 0.8% of the past six months. So previously, the gap was at 13.4%. And, you know, I thought we were doing well, I thought we were trending down, people were aware of the gender pay gap. And I thought that, you know, peeps steps were being had or changes where we were being made, so that this gender pay gap would lessen. But yeah, the latest study reveals that that is not the case. And I don't know what else to say. Other than that, I'm disappointed and I think we could be doing better.

Dan Jovevski  07:54

Yeah, it's a pretty it's a pretty stark analysis that's been taken, I think the drill down into the report, I think the thing that really stood out to me is that women would have to work an additional 61 additional days within the financial year to keep up with men's that your salary and I just thought to myself that working even one additional day would would cause cause people a lot of concern, but 61 days is a pretty sort of stark reminder. And it's great that reports like these are coming out to highlight these issues. And look, I hope the government, I remember we did this in the last budget report where they would allocate more money towards closing the gap of income inequality, particularly amongst the men and women. So hopefully, there is going to be some better things, particularly for women as they get closer and closer to equality. What's your thoughts Blaize? What do you think could be done by the government? If you were P, for one day? What what rules should they make?

Blaize Pengilly  08:56

PM for a day? I don't know what I would mandate! I really don't know. I definitely think there definitely needs to be changes. It's very obvious and it needs to be changed. As for what to mandate? I'm not 100% sure. But what I would love to see, Actually, you know what I'm curious to see - Why has the gender pay gap widened? And has it been impacted by Coronavirus? Is that something about women more women having to stay home? Or are women in more service industries that have been shut down? Like you know, a lot of people especially in hospitality and in events industries have been impacted? Is it because of these things closing down or locked down affecting these these businesses? I don't know. So to answer your question, I'm sorry, I don't have an answer. It's why I'm not the PM - I don't think I could handle the pressure.

Dan Jovevski  09:46

Well that's a very diplomatic answer by the way Blaize -  So you could be in the right.

Blaize Pengilly  09:50

Did I just avoid the question? Am I a politician now?

Dan Jovevski  09:53

You are I think! But look, two things. What the what the analysis does actually show Blaize, was that because the booming industries like construction, which is male dominated, that's gone through the roof. So if you're trying to do it at home right now in big capital cities like Melbourne or Sydney, you were even walking up here in the oil and gas, the resource industry in Queensland or Western Australia. You're getting heaps and heaps of incentives to come and work, which is unfortunately, pretty dominated by males at this present moment, but hopefully that will change. Well, Blaize - good luck in your upcoming political career. Sounds like a good start.

Blaize Pengilly  10:33

I hope I have your vote Dan. Alright. That's enough of the news and my political career, which is 100% non existent, don't go looking for me, I don't have a politic political career. Let's jump into the episode and talk about making it rain with some side hustles.

Dan Jovevski  10:48

Let's do it.

Blaize Pengilly  10:53

So let's talk about side hustles, making a little bit of cash or a whole stack of cash on the side of your regular income. Now side hustling is becoming more and more popular. We talk about it quite a bit. There's posts and people chatting about it in real life and all over the gram everywhere. And I thought I was actually scrolling through the WeMoney community last week, and was inspired by a post in the community where Just Budget Mums shared how her eight year old daughter makes more pocket money. So this is this is what she listed in the post: She sells a bunch of daffodils for $5, which is number one, a very sweet idea and genius. Two she sells eggs for $3.50. She sells lemons in bags of six for two bucks. She sells cow poo buy the bag for gardens, waters the neighbor's garden for 20 bucks and she's even sold some of her paintings. She's eight years old and she wants to run her own business. Like she's already essentially doing a business right? What an entrepreneur. Also, I was scrolling through our DMS on Instagram as you do - we love hearing from you. So if you do want to get in touch we are @getwemoney on Instagram. Marko sent us a DM on Instagram saying he wants to learn more about side hustles so I feel like the time is ripe. Dan, let's chat side hustles if we want to make one if you're doing a side hustle if you don't know where to start, what do we do? Tell me everything I need to know about side hustles please.

Dan Jovevski  12:24

Ah Blaize it is an amazing story. You had me at eight years old the fact there was an eight year old just yeah. is just incredible.

Blaize Pengilly  12:30

Starting young, right?

Dan Jovevski  12:32

We got to start young. It's all those stories that you hear of, you know people lemonade stands and whatever else. But side hustle. People will probably heard the term before. What is it? Well, to define a side hustle, it's pretty much a form of income that you can generate outside of your regular day to day job. So if you're working at Woolies, you're working the nine to five o'clock, clocking in and clocking out. But then you're also selling artisinal kombucha at the center of the markets. That my friend is a side hustle. And sohus have become incredibly popular not just because it's cool to have a side hustle it's because of a whole range of things - all the way from job security, today, a lot of people are feeling less secure in their current jobs, people are working much more in a contracting space where they're unsure whether or not they will earn regular income week to week or month to month in therefore supplementing your income from a variety of different sources is a pretty smart move. And so this turn to side hustles ethic has captured young people particularly by storm but it's open to anybody where they kind of see their future or say well I don't want to have just a regular job of rocking up to work, doing my thing and then going home and thinking about my job on Sunday night. It's what am I going to be doing to accelerate some of my financial goals pay for some additional bills have some additional pocket money on the side? By doing things I really love or doing things because I simply want to earn some money on the side. So a side hustle can be absolutely any thing that you can think of that's generating income outside of your regular workplace.

Blaize Pengilly  14:13

Okay, so side hustling - now, I don't know if you know this about me, Dan, but I run a little bit of a side hustle wasn't really a side hustle. I have a second casual job where I make extra money. So that's that's a side hustle. Right? Got me going by this definition. I do Disability Support work on the weekends and some evenings where, you know, it's casual, casual hours, a little injection of cash and I get to do a job that I find really awesome and really rewarding. Have you had a side hustle or do you do any side hustle Dan? I know you're a very busy man. So I highly doubt it but have you done any in the past?

Dan Jovevski  14:49

Blaize I do not have a side hustle. But in I would say about five or six years ago I simply did pick up a few side hustles. I remember I wouldn't call it hustling, but just hustling just in general. You know, buying a box of chocolates at like wholesaling, retailers and then selling them at school for additional pocket money. So I could pay for, like buying a sausage roll at the canteen at school.

Blaize Pengilly  15:17

That's very clever.

Dan Jovevski  15:20

More more recently, I think in my early adulthood, I kind of saw the opportunity to really leverage the thing that I was very passionate about. So this is gonna sound super geeky and a little bit technical, but I love analyzing companies to death. And I love finding everything about their financial statements, what their management team is like, where the where the future is going. And I thought to myself, well, you know, I've got a job, it's a pretty stable job, working for somebody else getting a regular paycheck, but what can I be doing to make my life more interesting, but also, more importantly, getting paid for a passion that I really liked. And I went through a process of reach. Actually, my goals are pretty more last year, which is that my initial goals, Blaize, started off with me wanting to become like a junior board member of an organization. And after speaking to like 20 people, they said, I don't think you're old enough or experienced enough to do that, which I guess was a bit of a slap in the face. But what it did do is it open up an opportunity to say, well hang on a second on somebody that may want to use your services. And they might want to actually pay you about $100 an hour to go and advise these companies that I thought to myself, Holy Moses, 26 years old, earning 100 bucks an hour, I was actually earning more in my side hustle on an hourly basis than my regular job. And that was a huge eye opener for me, because I had no other concept of potentially like earning more money on the side. Obviously, my time was pressed, I couldn't do that $100 per hour job every single hour of the day. But it allowed me to earn some additional money to start paying for holidays and other things where I don't really have to think about Oh my God, I've got to start saving and grinding for these short term goals that I wanted to make. So-

Blaize Pengilly  17:07

You got that cash

Dan Jovevski  17:10

You know what, it was completely amazing, I always almost felt guilty sending people invoices, because I enjoyed it so much, that I would have done for free. But the fact I was getting paid for it was, you know, completely amazing.

Blaize Pengilly  17:20

Okay, so Dan, making 100 bucks an hour in your side hustle, well done. That's amazing, pretty phenomenal. I mean, the side hustles can be very profitable, very lucrative, or they might be you might be in the getting a little injection of cash. Either way, extra money is extra money. And I think it's a win. If you are looking to start a side hustle. Or if you've just started a side side hustle, what should what should you be doing? What do you need to what's the checklist you should go through before starting?

Dan Jovevski  17:46

Well Blaize, before you start - I think the first thing is to determine why you want to do a side hustle? Is it to make some additional money? Is it to kill some more time and make your life more interesting and feel valued about how you spend your time outside of your regular job? Do you want to achieve a financial goal? Is there something that you want to do like pay off debt, save up for your emergency fund, do something where you've got a financial goal in mind, do you just want to second source of income to make your life more stable, so you feel more financially secure? Or do you just want to boost your cash balance to make you self feel more comfortable in terms of navigating your financial life, it could be really whatever you would like but it's one determining why you want to do it. Number two is you might want to set a goal of setting up a side hustle, and then just earning a certain amount. And it can be pretty small. It doesn't have to be the big side hustles, where you're earning almost just as much as you as your regular job. But it could be something as simple as $500 per year, selling additional crafts. Doing something with your time is valuable to other people consulting, whatever it might be starting off small is a good way to says prove to yourself Wow, I'm create some additional value in the world, either through a good or a service and earn some money. And then once you get that first initial sale or paid invoice from somebody that you've helped out along the way through your skill set that will make you feel absolutely incredible to pursue maybe where else that side hustle could go to. And you might want to treat yourself to something that's important to you, whether that be you know, going for a trip somewhere with your family. You know buying a new camera, this side hustle could be anything that you want in terms of setting up your your first initial goal.

Blaize Pengilly  19:34

Seeing the side hustle goals. I've seen quite a few people that were in the WeMoney community that have side hustles that set themselves monthly goals, yearly goals, different targets of what to hit, and achieve with them with all different sorts of side hustles. And I believe one of the people in the WeMoney community sets a goal to beat whatever they achieved the previous month. So maybe they did $50 in January. They've just got a beat $51 in February, and so on and so forth. Which I thought is pretty cool. But if you don't want to set goals, if you just need the, like, I'm assuming you'd be able to just go, I want to make a little bit extra money this month because I know Christmas is coming up or my birthday is around the corner and I need some extra cash. Do you have to set goals about figure amounts? Or can it just be? You know, maybe it's a time goal or maybe - Could you do I want to do this for six weeks and see how much money I can make or see if I can bring in extra income this way?

Dan Jovevski  20:26

Absolutely not. I think just more importantly, is is absolutely no rules in terms of what what side hustles you need to pursue or a financial goal that you need to make. So it's not really based by time, it's really based on just starting somewhere or just doing something to get you started in developing this side hustle, or what I like to call your hustle muscle, right? Getting to the point of really just earning something to get you started along the way in your journey. And it could be take you three months it could take you one day doesn't really matter. But as long as you start somewhere, you know, achieve something that should give you the confidence to start pursuing that even deeper and over a longer period of time once you get your initial win.

Blaize Pengilly  21:06

Yeah, for sure. Okay, so when you're starting, you want to know your why, why are you starting a side hustle? Number two, setting yourself a goal of what you want to achieve. What else do we need to consider when considering a side hustle? When you want to flex that hustle muscle as you say.

Dan Jovevski  21:23

Blaize the first thing is don't overdo it. People get really caught up in trying to make money trying to really achieve a lot and they can just kind of realize that this could cause a pretty big disbalance in their life where, you know, they're actually sacrificing family time time with friends as they're pursuing the sort of side hustle, which can be kind of unhealthy. So just be wary of that, that you know, people don't have to go and do something, it is fuel centered burnout, it really should be so that you can enjoy and you feel happy about that doesn't actually lead to any additional emotional or familial stress by spending all this time and effort and energy on trying to get your side hustle up and running. The second thing is, is make a plan for what to do with the cash. You know, if you'd have really a plan, this is going to add up in your bank account. You're going to go down the shopping aisles you're gonna buy a more fancier brie cheese and some more expensive crackers. That's what you probably want to. I actually found out the other day, just Fun fact there are there are parmesan crackers for $10 for 100 grand. So if you really want to luxe it up with your additional side hustle money. That's potentially one thing that you could be doing or better yet, how about you create your own parmesan crackers and sell sell them at the local fair to have more cash. So have a plan. Make sure you've got some goals that you want to achieve of what to do with the cash. And you also probably want to speak to an accountant, now's a good time to do it. Because most people either filing the returns are going to speak the accountants, you just ask the question, What do I need to do from a taxation perspective? As I'm sitting at my side hustle? Like do I need an ABN? Do I need to register myself in GST? All these types of questions will arise. Now, whilst you should pursue your own financial advice and taxation advice, if you're earning a side hustle, and it's less than 75k per year, in some instances, you may not even have to register for GST is that's probably for people that earn more than 75k per year. So there are some interesting parts of the taxation code that you should look into. And speak to a professional before embarking on this journey for doing a side hustle.

Blaize Pengilly  23:33

Tax is a really good point because yeah, it's kind of something you don't really consider when it comes to side hustles, right? I mean, a lot of the examples of side hustling is you know, selling secondhand clothes and you don't have to pay tax on that. So, I mean, yeah, I guess speak to you speak to your accountant. If you want to do something side hustle, he makes sure that you're not going to get in trouble with Mr. ATO. When it comes tax time next year. I like your point about burnout as well. No point in overloading yourself with a side hustle if you're already stressed, if you're already not spending enough time with your friends, your family. Yeah, I think that's a really good point. Side hustling it's not for everyone, you know, if you've got the time if you have the goal, go for it. But no point in burning yourself out for for the task. A point that I wanted to say, Dan, as well. It's not quite side hustling but something that my family does is that we trade some things instead of earning cash. So we have a lemon tree and a lime that are going absolutely bonkers, Dizzy Rascal style, they are popping off fresh citrus fruits like there is absolutely no tomorrow. And although we could easily sell the lemons and limes, they're beautiful. We actually have an arrangement with the local with our local Indian restaurant where we drop off a bag of lemons. And we get some free papadams and naan bread with our order every week. So you know, it's not yeah, it's not necessarily a side hustle, but you know, it's a free exchange where they benefit and we benefit. Yeah, so maybe maybe a side hustle is maybe trading a skill set instead of actually earning extra cash. It's something I would consider.

Dan Jovevski  25:15

That's typical. I actually know somebody that has a fig tree in their backyard, and they change their figs at a local restaurant for a bottle of whiskey in the in the like the periods when fig trees are up and running and blooming, which I thought was pretty interesting. And

Blaize Pengilly  25:32

Okay, I feel gypped papadam versus a bottle of whiskey. I think I need to do some renegotiating here.

Dan Jovevski  25:44

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Blaize Pengilly  26:37

Okie doke, it's ideas time. There are so so so many options for side hustle ideas, things that you can do. Dan, I thought we could do a quick fire round of 1 for 1 what you can do to potentially make some extra money and hopefully you listening will get inspired or maybe have a skill that you can easily translate if you are feeling the urge to flex that muscle hustle. I also in preparation for this Dan, I actually wrote a list of all the side hustles that I've done throughout my life and I have 20 so I might drop a couple of my new ones.

Dan Jovevski  27:14

I just remembered one I did. I did tutoring for first year Commerce students. I could not completely forgot about that. Yeah.

Blaize Pengilly  27:23

Oh, there you go. tutoring. Okay, should we do it? Should we go one for one?

Dan Jovevski  27:27

Sure Blaizey?

Blaize Pengilly  27:29

Well, I mean, it's an obvious one. It's the easiest go to side hustle: declutter. Do the Marie Kondo sell your stuff secondhand on Facebook marketplace, or Gumtree or eBay or Depop or wherever it is.

Dan Jovevski  27:40

Well Blaize I'm going to go for a pretty lame one here. Yeah, driving Uber or Lyft. This is a pretty easy one. If you've got a vehicle that meets the car conditions of driving for Uber, then it's a great way to just pop in the car, drive around, earn some additional cash. And it's all sorted for you.

Blaize Pengilly  27:59

Dan, you've covered this one. But tutoring in an area that you specialize in whether it's first year, second years, and maybe even primary School students, if you've got a skill in an area, why not consider tutoring,

Dan Jovevski  28:09

I'm going to go for a  lazy approach now - renting out a room on Airbnb. If you've got a house somewhere and you're using two of the three rooms, why don't rent that third roadmap and start making some additional cash and leave it up to Airbnb to find you the people to stay in your home?

Blaize Pengilly  28:26

All right on the same track, you could rent out your car using programs like Car Next Door. So maybe you work from home, maybe you don't use a car throughout the week, rent out your car and some extra money that way.

Dan Jovevski  28:36

Why don't you start a blog if you're really passionate about a certain topic and you're writing content that could be helpful for other people to consume. That could be really good as you start attracting eyeballs and subscribers and potentially start selling those eyeballs and subscribers into ads, and finding a way to monetize people that are very passionate about a really niche topic that you care about more.

Blaize Pengilly  28:57

A friend of mine does this one. She has a very expensive taste in dresses. So she hires out items of clothing to you know people through Instagram that need fancy dresses for fancy events. So you could hire out items of clothing. I don't think anyone wants my Kmart track pants. But you know, if you've got fancy taste, it's probably there's probably a market for it.

Dan Jovevski  29:18

Now, if you're not one to do things on the weekends, then why not consider your time for babysitting? If you love kids, or if you love looking after other people's kids in particular, then why don't you spend your time sitting back, putting the kids to sleep, popping out your phone or your iPad and watching a movie and getting paid for it? It's a great way to earn some additional money over the weekends.

Blaize Pengilly  29:39

Work in the state or national election. Great easy money for an easy day's work.

Dan Jovevski  29:43

Have a garage sale. People have on average about $2300 of stuff they don't use inside the house.

Blaize Pengilly  29:49

Okay festivals or events staff, last minute staff - save money by not going out on the weekend and working at a festival or an event.

Dan Jovevski  29:55

Sell your services on Upwork is one of the world's largest place where you can find odd jobs to do for other people.

Blaize Pengilly  30:03

You could do pamphletting or flyers or become a local paper person and deliver your paper.

Dan Jovevski  30:08

Why don't you become a cleaner? Look, these things are really in demand in local areas. And some people can earn between $20-$25 an hour simply by cleaning cars and cleaning rooms or businesses.

Blaize Pengilly  30:19

You could do transcribing. So typing out audio from a TV shows or podcasting, I've done this before, easy job and great money.

Dan Jovevski  30:27

Housesitting, what better way than literally sitting and getting paid for other people.

Blaize Pengilly  30:34

I love housesitting that is a great job. You could collect and recycle beer bottles, tin cans, 10, you know, you get 10 cents a pop in most states now, you're also helping reduce litter and increase sustainability of the planet. So I'm all for collecting and recycling bottles.

Dan Jovevski  30:51

Doing some paid market research. There's plenty of websites out there like Octopus research, Askable - where you can earn additional money by simply just answering questions about you.

Blaize Pengilly  31:01

Maybe you have some particular skills, and you maybe you do freelance photography or video editing or audio editing. If you can freelance and you have one of these skills. Why not?

Dan Jovevski  31:11

If you're into pets, or the furry ones - consider being a dog walker or pet sitter, it's a great way to connect with animals. And they will get paid between 16 to 30 bucks per hour simply by taking dogs for a walk.

Blaize Pengilly  31:25

Adorable cute, I love it. There's a fantastic app called FieldAgent where you can do small tasks similar to mystery shopping in your area. Oh, there's another one for free. Mystery shopping is also a great way to earn some extra cash!

Dan Jovevski  31:37

If you're a discount diva, how about is buying stuff and selling it? There's people known as professional flippers where they just buy things that are no longer wanted from other smaller marketplaces and selling them at a larger marketplace like eBay. You could be buying things at say Good Sammy, or your local thrift store and potentially selling that to other audiences where there could be in real demand.

Blaize Pengilly  31:58

You could live your dream of being in the Stacy's Mom video clip and become a pool cleaner.

Dan Jovevski  32:04

That would be so cool. How about you become a fruit picker? There's regional shortages of individuals now particularly with COVID that don't have short term labour to pick fruit and vegetables in the seasonal sessions of the year. Consider that to explore a new part of Australia and also earn some money as well.

Blaize Pengilly  32:24

Alright, a couple that I have done is I do face painting at events on the weekend Dan. And I've also driven for a personal wine tour a friend didn't want to want didn't want to drive had a celebration, so I was their designated chauffeur. Great way to earn some extra money.

Dan Jovevski  32:39


Blaize Pengilly  32:40

I've also been a christmas elf, done dog washing, and helped plan weddings as well as making jewelry and being bar staff at festivals. So those are ones that I've tried tested great ways to make some extra money. Dan, did you have any final side hustles that you'd like to share? Otherwise we'll share the rest in a blog post because there are hundreds of ideas of ways you can make extra money.

Dan Jovevski  33:04

Blaize - the only one that comes to mind is doing some tutoring or at university just popped into my mind I remember all I did was print out two pages of A4 had those cheeky little snippet things in the bottom where you put your phone number that people can rip off and lo and behold within like two days I had a student book in - look, hopefully they learned something if they pass a course. That was minimal effort. And it was a great way to it's an additional bit of money at uni.

Blaize Pengilly  33:32

Yeah, awesome. So side hustles great way to make extra money. If we go back to the way that you said to set it up, we've got that: figure out why you want to start a side hustle, set yourself goals of what you want to do, and also, you know, be wary of you know, burning out and don't overdo it. Speak to someone about tax if tax if your tax is going to be impacted. If you are looking at doing an extra side hustle, like we listed there's 1,000,001 ways that you can make extra money. If you've got an idea or you've got a side hustle that you'd like to share with us please send us a DM on Instagram @getwemoney - We would love to hear it. But then do you have any final words of wisdom or advice or anything else that should be known about the wonderful world of flexing your hustle muscle?

Dan Jovevski  34:18

Well, I encourage everybody to start a side hustle if you haven't already. Side hustles can bring you to create additional meaning in your life, particularly if you're doing something that you will love and better yet you're getting paid for. So why not top up your bank balance, do something that you love and diversify your income streams because you don't know what's gonna happen around the corner. We're living in a world right now, which is much more uncertain and more and more people are having side hustles because of economic need. But if you can marry that up with a passion of yours and you really love you actually feel like you're working at all - You're simply getting paid for something that you love doing. So please get involved into a side hustle if you haven't already.

Blaize Pengilly  34:55

And if you have the time, don't burn yourself out.

Dan Jovevski  34:58

And the final note for me - If you are interested in just uncovering more about side hustles in general, a book that really helped me in pursuing my side hustle was literally called Side Hustles from idea to income in 27 days. It's written by Chris Guillebeau, and we will leave that in the show notes

Blaize Pengilly  35:17

You beauty - I'll put that on the reading list. Thank you so much for tuning in to Episode 44 of We Talk Cents hope you loved learning about side hustling as much as we love sharing it with you.

Dan Jovevski  35:32

If you got any feedback or you want to get in touch with a requested topic or something that we should discuss on the show, then please do get in touch with us on Instagram at @getwemoney with any of your thoughts and feedback. And if you really love the podcast, the biggest favour that you can give Blaize and I is leaving us a review in the Apple Podcast. This will help other people find the show and help more Australians learn about money.

Blaize Pengilly  35:55

Yes, please give us a review on Apple podcasts it would make our day. Anyway, that's all from us this week. Subscribe to get more money news in your inbox or in your ear holes I should say next Monday. Until then we will catch you have a good time. See you later. See ya. Goodbye.



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