Simplify Investing with Webull and Unlock the Power of Moneybull


Thinking about where to start investing? Webull offers a user-friendly interface with intuitive analysis tools and has recently launched a new feature, called Moneybull, with the aim to simplify investing.

Meet Moneybull

Moneybull is a new feature from Webull, which is a dedicated money market fund tailored for first time investors looking to earn money from their cash investments. Moneybull allows you to earn up  to a 5.3% return (p.a.) on the money market fund so you can maximise the potential return on your  savings.

Are your savings currently earning little to no interest? Moneybull could help you generate a return  by automatically investing into underlying US money market funds with no added costs or hidden  fees.

Let’s explore Moneybull’s key features & benefits

• Liquidity: Unlock the potential of the US market’s high-interest rates by investing in a designated money market fund. Feel confident knowing that your savings are secure and are  available when you need them.

• Start Small: Moneybull puts the power in your hands and lets you invest with as little or as  much as you like. Getting started with just USD$1 has never been easier, with no minimum balance required and no start-up costs.

• Maximise Returns: Access Moneybull’s return of up to 5.3% (p.a.)*. Money market funds can  help you grow your savings whether you're new to investing or a veteran trader.

• Seize Opportunities: Webull considers the amount held in Moneybull as the equivalent held in cash, meaning your funds are readily available and you can seize potential investment opportunities from a wide range of available equities.

Whether you are new to investing or looking to diversify your portfolio, Webull offers a user-friendly interface and a variety of intuitive analysis tools so you can make more informed investment decisions. Webull is a member of the ASX, and all Australian shares are CHESS sponsored.

As a special welcome, new members receive 30-days fee free trading and $100 in cash vouchers  when you deposit $2,000 or more and hold for 90-days.

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*figures are based on the 1-year return of the USD cash fund in Moneybull as of 20 Nov 2023. Past performance is not  indicative of future performance. Webull does not guarantee any specific performance outcome.

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