Planning Your 2024 with Intention: Achieve Your Financial Goals with Ease


Your favourite financial wellness app now has a paper budget planner that you can write in! WeMoney has officially launched their Goal Planner for 2024. Conquer your finance goals this year with our easy to follow guide. We’ll get you thinking and building good financial habits in no time! 

Managing your finances can be a daunting task. However, one powerful tool that can help you manage your money is a budget planner. In this blog we will explore how to use our goal planner highlighting our different sections; reflecting on 2023, creating goals for 2024 and how to track our goals. 

Reflect on 2023

Take a moment to reflect on the past year. What is your current financial situation? By listing out this reflection, you can see where you have landed after 2023 and decide where you want to be by the end of 2024. 

Setting Goals for 2024

Goal setting is a crucial step in financial planning. Starting from your simple ‘goal’ think of potential roadblocks. For example, one goal could be to save for a house in 2024. A roadblock you could face is unexpected expenses (e.g. medical bills), a way you overcome this is by building an emergency fund on the side. Be sure to celebrate the small wins along the way! (This will also motivate you to keep going). 

Savings and Debt Tracker

Set a timeline with a deadline for each goal. By breaking up your overall goal, you can see the smaller milestones (which are just as important as the overall goal). Regularly updating your tracker will help you visualise your achievements and stay motivated. 

Importance of a Deadline

A musician wouldn’t just perform, they would have a concert date in mind. Same thing with your goals. You should have an end date established at the start of your journey to help you stay focused and accountable throughout the year.

Using a budget planner effectively can transform your financial life. By utilising your reflection. Remember consistency and discipline are key to achieve your financial goals. Download our planner today and let’s achieve those financial goals in 2024!  

Download our NY2024 Budget Planner Here.

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