Introducing We Talk Cents

Get to know Dan Jovevski and Blaize Pengilly the hosts of your newest Australian personal finance podcast, We Talk Cents.

The following is a transcript taken from trailer of the We Talk Cents podcast. If you’d prefer to listen to this episode, you may tune in here.


Dan Jovevski, Blaize Pengilly

Blaize Pengilly  00:09

Personal finance, budgeting, cash flow, and investing don't have to be scary words. The Money Bites podcast is here to help you learn more and take control of your personal finances.

Dan Jovevski  00:20

Good day, and welcome to the Money Bites podcast. I'm Dan.

Blaize Pengilly  00:23

And I'm Blaize. And we're here to educate, inform and empower you to make better decisions when it comes to your money.

Dan Jovevski  00:30

We'll talk personal finance, investing, the state of the economy, and everything money related. A little bit of background about me, I've spent the last 10 years in the intersection of finance and technology, some would call be an entrepreneur. My mom thinks I'm still unemployed 10 years later, the previous company that we had was and now we're on the mission to help people with their money with

Blaize Pengilly  00:59

I'm Blaize I work in the media and I'm a freelancer. I've had many ups and downs when it comes to budgeting and spending my money. I've always found it a bit tricky, as I'm a hedonist and I love to spontaneously commit to expensive purchases. Also, being a freelancer, my income often changes and is not steady. I don't know much about money. So I'm here to learn how to take control of my personal finances.

Dan Jovevski  01:23

Okay, great. So now that you know about us, let's get learning.

Blaize Pengilly  01:26

Let's talk money.


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