I swear I am addicted to spending money.

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I swear I am addicted to spending money, addicted to online shopping and even more so addicted to the feeling I get when that parcels arrives at the door.

Please tell me I am not alone, please tell me that the little rush you get when you see you next online shopping at the door isn’t one of the best feelings in the world.

HOWEVER and yes I am writing this in bold because it is MAJOR RED FLAGS I honestly need to break up with money. It is just too toxic to both me and my bank account.

I would assume because you are reading this as well that you are addicted to spending money and feel the need to break up with it also. I get it we have all been there, you are not alone in this.

I am using this pandemic though to start to sever those ties with money and let me tell you how I am doing this. It all starts with the mail, the fact that the mail is taking forever to get here really affects my online decision purchasing. Now this saves me in two ways not only am I saving on picking normal shipping over express postage (what’s the point?) when I do decide to shop but this whole delay in the arriving date really has me questioning if I even want the product to begin with. If I can’t have it in 2-3 business days, then I don’t want it.

I know this whole millennial mentality can sometime be a drag, but you could almost say it is positively working for me.

Alongside this whole impatient business of mine I have decided to apply my good old trick of a Wishlist and let me tell you I have already edited and reedited my list to match what I am calling a PPS (see that millennial sneak back in).

Post Pandemic Shop

Yes you may laugh but this is a very real thing and for someone who has been stood down is currently trying to  save as much as possible for an emergency fund this is what is keeping me going and falling into an emotional online shopping cart.

Now if you have gotten this far and you are all for a PPS then buckle in because we still have a little while left before we can start our shopping but keeping writing those wish lists and maybe even start to budget for them.

Is there anything that you are adding straight to your cart once this all ends?

Broke Blogger

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