Create fulfilling goals & succeeding in 2021

Matt Caruana

New Year’s Resolutions are outdated, they seldom work or see any results, but what can we do to set up 2021 to be a year that we’ve always been dreaming of?

A year of achieving goals, one of passion and most importantly, one of fulfilment and happiness is what you deserve, LET’S GET IT!!

It all begins with a vision.

When I was younger, I had a vision and it was CRYSTAL CLEAR – “I was worthless” - I wasn’t going to be here anymore.

At 12 years old, I firmly believed that every second I was spending on earth was a detriment to everybody including myself. I had become extremely depressed, anxious and suicidal. My vision was to end my life, and at 16 years old, what I had visioned became a reality – I had attempted suicide on January 9 2016 by throwing myself off a building. I had sustained a Spinal Cord Injury along with a Brain Injury and was left a paraplegic. Thankfully my body wasn’t ready to give up yet and all along, there was a profound lesson waiting for me in that…

What I had learnt in that process was the power of BELIEF and VISION. With that I am able to create a fulfilling future – one in which I desire. By also expanding on those teachings, I am able to lay out a clear, effective plan for myself (hell, even for others).

First step is to ask yourself a question of where to begin – What would you be doing if you knew for certain that you were going to fail inevitably? If you were going to fail no matter what you were going to do, wouldn’t you want to at least be doing something you enjoy? Something that you look forward to doing, something that fulfils you?

As the title suggests; “It All Begins with A Vision” – Take your answer to the question above and start thinking big… and I mean BIG. Let’s begin at the 10 year vision and DON’T HOLD BACK! More times than not, people will overestimate what they’ll get done and achieve in 1 year and then sell themselves short on a 10 year vision for themselves. Most of society have been taught to believe that their dreams or visions are just dreams, nothing else! Hence why they lack the ambition and imagination to see where they could take things. Steve Jobs for example was a man of great vision of revolutionising the workplace by making the computer more affordable to everyone and easier to use. Have a look at workplaces today and tell me what you see inside. What once seemed difficult and far out of reach has now become our reality.

What could you do with that? Where could you take it? Who are you going to reach? Where could it go ultimately? What else could be done with this? Has it already been done before, if so, could you do more with it? Questions like this will get you expanding your ideas and thoughts outside of your comfort zone. The KEY to remember whilst constructing your 10 year vision is to: Shoot for the stars, you may hit it!

Ensure to reflect on WHY you have this vision for yourself… What does this mean to you? Does this mean you’ll be adding value to other people’s lives? Has this helped you in the past? Your WHY is going to be your driving force to get it done. Making it about other people and how this dream will impact others will motivate you more than doing it selfish results and reasons why – It’s easier to mow your neighbour’s lawn than it is your own. 

How will you feel being in that place? How do you visualise your dream? What does it look like? What emotions are you going to feel being in that place? How do you feel when you visualise your dream? Those emotions (or “energy in motion”), will give you the energy in alignment with the vision.

What person will you become in that place? How do you conduct yourself there and who is that person? What are their mannerisms? What traits, morals and ethics do they uphold? How does this person talk to themselves and others? Becoming crystal clear on who this person in your vision is, will allow you to uncover how you’re going to attract your vision into your life (but more on this later).

Halfway Point

Once your 10 year vision is done, let’s break it down a little further by going to the halfway point – Let’s begin mapping out your 5 year vision. Start reverse engineering what you’ve got so far, planning to see what you’re going to be doing halfway to that. You may need to ask yourself some more thought provoking questions – firstly being What are the step(s) towards this?, What do you have do to achieve this?, What’s before this?, What will allow you to achieve <your vision> to the highest degree?, What will help you get closer to my vision?, Who will be impacted at this stage?

Again. with this stage, don’t be afraid to reach beyond what is comfortable to think about and picture. The more out of reach it may seem can be a good thing if you choose to allow yourself to go there – Once again; Shoot for the stars, you may hit them!

The Beginnings

Lets now work on our 1 year plan. With what you’re doing in your vision, what are you doing this year? What numbers do you NEED to hit? How many people are you going to reach? How far could you take this with MASSIVE ACTION in a year? What will be leading you to the longer vision? Who are you going to be working with this year? What do you need to be doing to push you further towards your goals? What kind of growth are you looking to achieve? These are all important questions to reflect on and get clarity around. This is what your next 365 days are going to be heavily focused around.


Now that your 10, 5 and 1 year visions are clearly laid out, what are going to be the necessary actionable steps you are going to need to take in order to achieve your goals?

What will you be needing to do EACH WEEK to achieve your desired results? Maybe it is a stretch to fit it in within a week – Do you need to source out a team playing a role in your dream? This all should be clear however these things can come up when we look closer to where we’re at in our lives. 

Where are you at though? Self awareness is going to be KEY in progressing optimally with this. I like to assess my current values and where they are (these will change as time goes on and I highly recommend assessing your values every 3-6 months). I strongly recommend completing the Demartini Value Determination Process.

After seeing where your values are, what’s going to be important is looking at your week. How are you going to input hours in your week to week schedule to achieve your goals both professionally and personally? It is important you leave time every week to fulfil your personal goals otherwise your areas in life aren’t going to be fulfilled as you would like them to be. Has this test unfolded some important areas in your life that you weren’t previously aware of? How much time are you going to need to put in to these areas in order to feel whole? Look to see where you can slot time in throughout the week to ensure you are being fulfilled.


Everything you’ve reflected upon thus far has been all about what we can do with the external – but rather, what if you now began to look within? How can you change yourself to more effectively attract your vision and manifest it into reality?

One thing you’ve gotten clear on at the 10 year vision was that you reflected on who this person is, how they conducted themselves and what was next for them. By having clarity on this, you’ll now know the person you must become in order to bring about this vision into reality. With resistance to the person you must become in order to achieve your goals, you are resisting your vision and saying to the universe that this isn’t something you’d like to bring into your life.

The thing about this is that, modifying the person you are is the hardest part of everything we’ve covered. This particular personality you look to become could be something quite uncomfortable for you – It may be nothing quite like your current way of being and your first instinct may be to reject this person. By staying true to your vision and keeping in alignment, we can use various methods, techniques and rituals that we conduct REGULARLY in order to adapt and attract our vision.

Keeping consistent with this is going to be PARAMOUNT because you’ll be chipping away at subconscious beliefs, old programs and ways of being that you’ve held onto (quite possibly) all of your life. By remaining in alignment, you’ll be bringing your desired future to you by also conducting the actionable steps that are congruent…

As all of that is conducted with your new VISION, you’ll form new BELIEFS. Beliefs dictate how you feel about certain things, our emotions determine our energy levels which determine how much action we are able to take towards our goals.

REMEMBER – If you fail to plan, you plan to fail; Let’s plan for an EPIC 2021!

To all your success!!

Much love

Matt Caruana

Disclaimer: The author is not a financial advisor and the information provided is general in nature and was prepared for information purposes only. This article should not be considered to constitute financial advice. Accordingly, reliance should not be placed on this article as the basis for making an investment, financial or other decision. This information does not take into account your investment objectives, particular needs or financial situation.

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