Hold the Phone! Aussies Spent $2,800 EACH on Online Shopping Last Year


Australia: a nation united by a love of football, the beach and, apparently, online shopping. 

As it happens, only ten countries around the world can claim to spend more on e-commerce per person every year—that’s according to new research from social media marketing firm Hootsuite and creative agency We Are Social.

In the collaborative 2022 Global Overview Report, the two firms found that around half of all internet users in Australia aged 16 to 64 make an online purchase at least once a week. Around a quarter of respondents do so via their mobile phones. That’s a lot of e-commerce activity.

So much so, in fact, that the average Aussie spends a massive $2,776 per year online shopping, well above the global average of $1,435.

Those numbers speak to the rise of e-commerce during the pandemic as Aussies online shopped their way through successive lockdowns.

Another factor identified by the report is the accessibility of buy now, pay later options from ASOS to Amazon. These offerings make for an even more frictionless online shopping experience where actually cashing out on the product feels weeks away.

Add in ultra-fast delivery times and it’s clear to see why online shopping is so popular. Still, $2,776 is a lot of money.

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