Shopping This Seasons Deals for Next Years Christmas

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Boxing Day is one of the biggest sales events in retail and the perfect opportunity for everyone to snag a bargain and spend their Christmas money. But have you ever thought of taking such advantage of these sales to set you up for Christmas the following year? Boxing day marks the first day of clearance for all Christmas items. What was once full price, is now heavily discounted as retailers try to move this stock to make way for their new released products in the next year. The week following Christmas is the ONLY time I shop for Christmas decorations. Christmas trees, lights, tableware, everything including wrapping paper and gift tags are priced to clear.

We have many kids birthday parties early in the year and these clearance items (e.g. lolly stockings) allow us to bulk up kids party bags with products that are still in date at a heavily reduced price.

Boxing day was once the day everyone flooded to the shopping centre however with online shopping bigger than ever, most online retailers partake with their biggest sales of the year. It's not only us that has a new years resolution, retailers use this time to clear out the old to bring in the New Year's hottest products.

Many supermarkets have Christmas promotional branded food items which have lengthy best before dates, however are marked to clear due to Christmas packaging. These range from cake and cupcake mixes, Christmas themed chocolates and lollies, Christmas puddings etc as well as the limited edition Christmas frozen range (last year I picked up a Christmas panchetta that didn't expire until December the following year). A cheeky little tip while on the topic of food, Coles and Woolies ALWAYS overstock on Pavlova bases so keep your eye out on the lead up to New Years Eve for those discount sticker!

Something I like to do each year is hunt down those seasonal biccie tins/porcelain jars, raid all the goodies to enjoy for yourself and for guests over the new year period. I then use the container the following year to fill with homemade goodies and gifts as a simple present for teachers and coworkers.

The best piece of advice I can give you is to keep any eye out for the biggest sale events of the year for retailers listed below:

  • Click Frenzy Travel - Mid March each year
  • Mother's Day Sales - Mother's Day is the second Sunday in May and you can find great sales up to a month before the date.
  • Click Frenzy Mayhem - Mid May every year
  • EOFY Sales - End of Financial Year Sales are scheduled for June 30 however most retailers start their sales at the beginning of June leading into early July. Grab a bargain on just about anything from electronics and homewares to clothing and accessories!
  • Click Frenzy JuLove - Mid July each year
  • Click Frenzy Sports - Great deals on workout wear and sporting goods in mid August each year.
  • Father's Day Sales - As Father's Day approaches each year, you will find a generous discount on many items such as men's fragrances, auto and hardware as well electronics and gadgets!
  • Singles Day - The single persons version of Valentine's day. A great time to find a deal and spoil yourself!
  • Amazon Prime Day - My favourite day, but you have to be quick! The best selling products of the year on sale for prices never seen anywhere known as "lightning deals". 1 hour specials and once they are sold out, they are gone! Be vigilant and quick to make sure you don't miss out!
  • Click Frenzy Main Event - Now a 3 day event showcasing some of the biggest retailers in online shopping. You will surely find a bargain leading into Christmas!
  • Black Friday/Cyber Monday - A US tradition which has fallen on to our shores, Black Friday weekend is one not to miss and studying retailers is a must to not miss out on the best deals! This one for me is where I can do majority of my Christmas shopping online and save a bundle!
  • Boxing Day Sales - Australia's most anticipated shopping day. Now online and instore, be sure to look out for end of season items at huge reductions and set yourself up for the following year without breaking the bank!
  • Click Frenzy Boxing Day Showcase - runs from the 25th till the 28th of december every year!

Disclaimer: The author is not a financial advisor and the information provided is general in nature and was prepared for information purposes only. This article should not be considered to constitute financial advice. Accordingly, reliance should not be placed on this article as the basis for making an investment, financial or other decision. This information does not take into account your investment objectives, particular needs or financial situation.

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